The documentary is now available to an international audience!

The Ghost Rockets is a documentary portraying the members of UFO-Sweden and their search for answers to the Ghost Rockets mystery. The project also includes a collaborative UFO-investigation into previously classified documents from the Swedish military.

The documentary has just been released online and on DVD to an international audience. To get your DVD or digital copy, click the PURCHASE link above.

The investigation portal has been live since the 5th of March. Since then over 10 000 documents have been investigated, over 5000 tags have been made and we now have over 300 active users. Four years in the making, this platform is a first of its kind online collaborative investigation into the Swedish Military┬┤s Ghost Rockets archive. Come in and browse, tag and translate and be one of the first to see these curious, beautiful, raw and informative documents from 1946 and onwards. Click on THE INVESTIGATION button above to get started.


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