"It landed. It did not crash."


For the last 65 years people have been seeing strange objects crashing and landing in lakes over Sweden. What they are or where they come from remains unknown. UFO-Sweden have conducted extensive investigation into the latest Ghost Rockets sighting at a lake in the far north of Sweden both in 2012 and 2014. During their search they have located a crater and in 2015 they are going back a third and final time, this time with a ground penetrating radar.

The Ghost Rockets documentary is a personal portrait of the members of UFO-Sweden and their ongoing attempts to shed light on this decades old mystery. The documentary is just finished and is on its way out to film festivals. Our goal is to release it here online as soon as our contracts with financiers allow. So stay tuned.

As part of the Ghost Rockets project we are also in the process of building the worlds first crowd sourced UFO-investigation online. Here we need your help. Read more under "The Documentary - secret documents" and "investigation" above.
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